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Crown sports Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words

Crown sports - Essay Example The Company has about 50,000 club individuals with 22 medium sized wellbeing and wellness clubs across England on an entire all over U.K . The crown organization is notable for their wellbeing administrations like exercise centers, pools and their condition zones crown sports plc was framed with the converging of the golf club possessions a celebrated green working organization in U.K with resources of eight fairways at the hour of securing. The other key business substances incorporate games based distributing, horse dashing and wearing data, land and property venture. The primary key specialty unit is the fitness centers, as the organization has a lot of essence in the gym showcase. Crown has differentiated in different business substances as the organization execution enrolled a significant development in the underlying period of the new thousand years. The crown sports organization has countless individuals around the U.K. to upgrade the client experience they have gone into anot her market road by abusing the piece of the pie of the neighborhood players who previously existed in that area. In the golf business, as per the then the MARTIN KNIGHT the Deputy Chairman of Crown Sports PLC development potential for crown sports generally excellent on the grounds that there are an enormous number of courses that are not satisfying their latent capacity. The appointee sponsored the administration aptitudes, operational abilities and comprehension of the organization satisfy client prerequisites and push will enable to obtain courses and oversee them better.Resources and capacities As we state administrations, it is exhibitions and is every now and again delivered by people and no two administrations will be definitely indistinguishable. The representatives conveying the administration habitually are the administration in the client's eyes, and individuals may vary in their presentation from everyday or even hour to hour. The customer is a piece of the creation procedure so the conveyance framework must go to the market or the client must go to the conveyance framework. The idea of carrying client to the item began functioning admirably as it has enlisted benefits in 1999 and 2000. Experts anticipated there is tremendous potential for Crown to drive incomes by offering items to its individuals. The organization bosses wanted to grow the business to different games related substances as a unique extension methodology. It was uncovered in the organization executive's words as We believe that there is a huge sum of union prone to occur in the games resource industry in the United Kingdom and that is the place we are going to focus our exercises throughout the following two years. At first the organization began imagining that it ought not restrict to a particular game utility provider also, estimated the alternatives of separating into new roads and began attempting to that way. The essential thought behind this move is to extend their range of market and to expand the potential market base by converging with an organization which has great client base and was in sound condition to takeover and to move with the crown sports . crown sports activities prevailing with regards to securing the Dragon fitness center plc in last month of December 2000.The winged serpent's fitness center similarly large as crown sports and has an outstanding number of client. The organization execution can be effectively concentrated with the assistance of the watchman's nonexclusive techniques. Watchman's hypothesis determined that the organization with various substances should havefreedom in their

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A Sample Essay on gothic themes

A Sample Essay on gothic themes It seems the Poe’s talent for gothic writing is the natural manifestation of his own gloomy personality. Characters and patterns he uses in his novels immerse readers into a spooky, uneasy and lonely world of mentally unstable people obsessed with strange ideas. The feeling of void, loneliness and emotional fluctuations are central for Poe’s gothic works. The «Tell-Tale Heart » makes no exception of this rule. Let’s take a closer look at gothic themes author brought up in this short, though, very atmospheric story. Death. It’s the central subject of the story from the very first lines. The narrator informs us about his plans «to take the life of the old man » at the end of the second paragraph of the novel. While in the beginning, the reader might still think that it’s just an evil imagination of mentally unstable person, very soon it becomes clear that the narrator’s plan to kill the old man is more than real. Step by step, using detailed descriptions of paranoid reasoning of the narrator, the author immerses the reader into the atmosphere of approaching tragedy. The description of preparations to the murder and act itself, as well as narrator’s justifications of his plans, are lengthy and explicit, intended to make his intentions «reasonable ». Insanity. The narrator’s madness evolves together with the story. From the first lines, the reader understands that something is going wrong with the narrator as he tries to justify his intentions to kill a person. The «evil eye » of the old man, in this case, is the representation of an idea fix, with which practically all emotionally and psychologically unstable people are obsessed. In the middle of the novel, readers find themselves completely submerged into the dark and messed up world of an insane mind. This darkness is catalyzed by detailed descriptions of the murder, dismembering of the corpse, etc. which makes the atmosphere of the novel even more threatening. The theme of insanity, typical for gothic writing, is omnipresent in this novel accompanying the reader till the end of the story. Asociality and detachment from other people are another typical subjects for gothic literature. The narrator of the novel expresses his reasoning saturated with loneliness and depression. His thoughts about the murder and obsession with his personality and idealized self-perception are clear signs of deviant behavior. The internal dialogue on the brink of sanity and psychological disorder, as well as disintegration with the external world, is typical for a lot of Poe’s works and «The Tell-Tale Heart » is not an exception. Feeling of the inevitability. With the development of the story, and as the reader observes how the narrator’s insanity aggravates, the feeling of inevitability of some bad events is rising. This feeling accompanies readers throughout the whole story and keeps them on their toes even after the murder is committed. Only reading the last lines of the novel, where the narrator accepts his insanity which he so viciously denied throughout the story, readers may feel relief. Despite being a short novel «The Tell-Tale Heart » story is full of unexpected twists of events and atmospheric descriptions which envelop readers and bring them to the essence of uneasy mind of a person, obsessed with an idea of the murder. This story is definitely worth reading for those who enjoy the gloomy world of gothic literature.

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My Beliefs in President John F. Kennedy - 946 Words

President John F. Kennedy was the last man that everyone in America would want to see taken away from them. He was seen as a breath of fresh air to the country. He was famous not because of what he did for America. It was because of who he was. There are many conspiracy theories concerning how the President was assassinated. This review will remain focused on the evidence provided in the book. Despite its title, the book contains events throughout Kennedy’s entire life all the way back to childhood all the way up to his death.. His parents never expected him to be involved with politics as they assumed that his brother Robert would be. Kennedy worked during WWII as a boat commander. This is this something that Former President Eisenhower looked down upon considering he was a general at that time. Kennedy as well as his wife Jackie were much more easily looked up to by aspiring Americans as the president and his wife were so much younger than the Eisenhowers. Much of Kennedyâ⠂¬â„¢s personal life is discussed in book. he runs on a very tight schedule down to the minute. He even had two daily swims. His back problems were often brought up which never slowed him down. The cuban Missile crisis was handled very calmly by the president. He never panicked about the countries fate which led General Khrushchev to back off. Kennedy was also fairly active in civil rights and was a friend of Martin Luther King. The man who killed Kennedy, Lee Harvey Oswald was also heavily involved in theShow MoreRelatedJohn F. Kennedys Inaugural Address1049 Words   |  5 PagesJohn F. Kennedy’s Inaugural Address Ceremonial speeches are given to mark ceremonial events and help a society move beyond their differences. John F. Kennedy gave a ceremonial speech, his inaugural address, on January 20th, 1961, marking one of the most historic speeches in time. In John F. Kennedy’s Inaugural Address speech, that is being evaluated today, the author uses social cohesion as a call for the nation to give back to the country, as we should do of course, and to ask, and expect lessRead MoreJohn F. Kennedy s Speech871 Words   |  4 Pages â€Å"John F. Kennedy was elected in 1960 as the 35th president of the United States. At 43-years-old JFK became the youngest man and the first Roman Catholic to hold that office.† President John F. Kennedy gave his inaugural address on Friday, January 20, 1961. In his speech he addresses many issues faced by society during that time, as well as today. Kennedy expresses his presidential intentions by saying â€Å"Let every nation know, whether it wishes us well or ill, that we shall pay any price, bear anyRead MorePublic Service: John F. Kennedys Inaugural Address1219 Words   |  5 PagesPresident John F. Kennedy’s Inaugural Address is considered one of the greatest speeches in history and one of the shortest Inaugural Addresses at just 15 minutes. He attempts to build up America’s pride and calls the nation to support their country. He describes these goals using a variety of rhetorical devices to increase public reaction. His short but powerful speech give s comfort to an American public fearful of war. John Fitzgerald Kennedy was born May 29, 1917, into a new wealthy CatholicRead MoreJohn F. Kennedy Inaugural Address1099 Words   |  5 Pagesspark on the map brighter than one of our own presidents. It was January 20, 1962 when John Fitzgerald Kennedy took stage to be the thirty-fifth president of the United States. Written by Kennedy in late November of 1960, his inauguration speech goes to explain the various changes of the world as Kennedy campaigned to â€Å"get the country moving again.† His speech begins to address the differences of the generations as he wants to â€Å"pass the torch.† Kennedy expresses various ways of getting people togetherRead MorePresident John F. Kennedy1746 Words   |  7 PagesWhen a president is able to effectively use the power of rhetoric to move citizens to aspire to achieve the seemingly impossible, this president is able to transcend the limitations of the executive office itself. President John F Kennedy was masterful at thi s skill and the words he spoke and the dreams he invited us to share are as powerful today as they ever were. Our cultural memory of John F. Kennedy was shaped within a very narrow time frame. Kennedy, born in 1917, was only forty-six yearsRead MorePresident John F. Kennedy911 Words   |  4 Pages There are many theories on what happened on November 22, 1963. A president was assassinated while campaigning for re-election. Many people are skeptical about what happened and many theories have been formed. Though there is only one right answer to what really happened on this somber Friday, many people have formed their own beliefs. One theory is that there was more than one shooter. What, as close as can be collected from the existing reports, are the circumstances surrounding JFK s death toRead MoreAnalysis Of John F. Kennedy1589 Words   |  7 Pages History Project John F. Kennedy was one of the most dynamic and inspiring presidents the country would ever know of. His leadership was impeccable and he motivated people by his charm and charisma. He had several qualities that made him so applauded by people. One of these qualities is the quality of his speech that made him the hero of the country. Not just his country was enchanted with his speeches but also the whole world felt a lot of connection with the words Kennedy spoke. Speech is oneRead MoreJohn F. Kennedy1635 Words   |  7 PagesPresident John F. Kennedy once said â€Å"The path we have chosen for the present is full of hazards, as all paths are. The cost of freedom is always high, but Americans have always paid it. And one path we shall never choose, and that is the path of surrender, or submission† . Whether this statement was meant to describe the circumstances of the Cold War, or to display reasons for the use of the atomic bomb, these simple words brought understanding to the American people. That is, until the assassinationRead MoreWorld War II : The Cold War882 Words   |  4 PagesWall, the United States’ President, John F. Kennedy visited West Berlin on June 26, 1963. On that day, President Kennedy gave a powerful speech, which accentuated the United States’ support for West Germany and for democracy. President John F. Kennedy began his speech by making known his sympathy towards the German audience and his pride in visiting the city of Berlin. He gave credit to their chancellor for committing Germany to democracy for so many years. Kennedy also brings up American GeneralRead MoreEssay on The Watergate Scandal1270 Words   |  6 PagesStates president Richard Nixon re election campaign, and they were caught trying to wiretap the phones. The robbers who tried to wiretap the phones were not successful. more robbers broke into the Watergate building with a new microphone, but a guard noticed that they broke the locks on the doors. The guard called the police as soon as possible, they showed up and caught the crooks red handed and took the to jail. it was not completely clear that the crooks were connected to the president Richard

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Political and Cultural Significance of the Flavian...

Assess the political and cultural significance of the construction and initial use of the Colosseum. Throughout the history of Ancient Rome, the construction of public buildings was used as a political tool, to manipulate the views of the people and to demonstrate the power of the State. The very first emperor of Rome, Augustus, initiated social reform through the construction of buildings from 27 BC onwards. Emperor Vespasian in 69 AD used a similar initiative, and throughout Rome’s history it can be seen that times of civil unrest are often followed by a flourish in architecture and the arts. An example of this can be seen in one of Vespasian’s major building projects, the Colosseum, officially the Flavian Amphitheatre, which had†¦show more content†¦In 79 AD Vespasian came to his final days, dying before the construction of the Colosseum was complete. His son, Titus, was to take over his role as emperor. Titus, new in his role, knew that he too must impress the people as his father had done, and so he announced the opening of the Colosseum would occur one y ear later. This seemed like an impossible goal for the constructers, and Titus had planned an extravagant opening to ensure that none would think he was less visionary than his father. Upon the opening of the great amphitheatre there were one hundred days of fighting. These one hundred days involved the slaughter of an unfathomable number of animals and men; one source tells us that five thousand animals were killed in the first day. The writer Cassius Dio tells us just how extravagant the opening may have been; â€Å"Titus suddenly filled this same theatre with water and brought in horses and bulls and some other domesticated animals that had been taught to behave in the liquid element just as on land. He also brought in people on ships, who engaged in a sea-fight there, impersonating the Corcyreans and Corinthians.† This suggests that Titus had the Colosseum flooded in order to stage a naval battle; however several historians question the technicalities of this, despite the multiple

Mechanics of Basketball Free Essays

Tino Estose WA #4 16 April 2013 Basketball (Mechanics of the game, College, and Professional) Social Media (Twitter and Facebook), Television, Basketball Video Games Factors about the medium| Factors about the message| Factors about the audience| -The most prominent characteristic of at least two of these particular mediums (Twitter and Sports Television) is the delivery of information. These two genres are specifically instant in terms of delivering information or whatever message that is intended to be delivered. As well, not much work is required for the audience to acquire the information. We will write a custom essay sample on Mechanics of Basketball or any similar topic only for you Order Now . For Television, one just has to watch the program or the game to acquire information on basketball 2. For Twitter and Facebook, links to informing sites and information tidbits are literally everywhere. -Ease of access/ proximity is also another factor that allows people to gather information about basketball. 1. Facebook and Twitter are at one’s fingertips due to the prevalence of smart phones. And for me personally, I follow numerous accounts on Facebook and Twitter that are devoted to posting about anything basketball. 2. For Television as well, everyone has one. For me, it is in the dorm with the remote being so close that I do not have to get up to use it. The same can be said about Basketball Video Games. The Xbox is right in the dorm room. | -As well, the information provided by these different genres can be incredibly descriptive. 1. Pieces of information offered by Facebook and Twitter are usually incredibly specified and many times unique. 2. On television, channels and programs hire multitudes of people that allow the show or game to deliver wide ranges of information and insight. There are the color commentators who are typically former players or coaches that can offer their unique perspective, there are show hosts who appear to be authorities on what they speak on and usually have to credentials to support this, there are anchors who deliver the objective information of what happened in the world of sports that day, and there are numerous â€Å"behind the scenes† jobs that help the people on camera have necessary information (statisticians, journalists, producers, historians, etc). 3. Sports videogames and basketball ones specifically, are incredibly detailed today. The objective there is to offer the most realistic game experience possible. Because of this, these basketball games not only offer a great amount of information on every player and team’s background, but feature players and teams from the past. Personally playing these games, my knowledge structures on the game of basketball and its history have been thoroughly fed. | -Existing knowledge on basketball has been a key factor in my experience with these genres. In years past, my knowledge on basketball and basketball topics has been limited to the most current events in the sports world. Another is Comprehension. The text discusses that how one interprets and processes the information that they are encountering through media is a key audience factor. 1. Even though I am only 22, I feel intellectual growth and maturity has allowed me to view certain mediums and encounter the information with a different type of analysis that allows me to alter my knowledge structures comprehensiv ely. Ultimately, I feel it leads to a rich background of knowledge for me to draw from. -Motivation is another audience factor that I feel has influenced my information acquisition on basketball. . Basketball is a game that I love. From that passion, I feel I am motivated to seek any type of information that I can from these three mediums. | How I met your Mother: Comedy Sitcom There are many reoccurring elements that appear throughout this show. There the more simple ones such as: Drinking at MacLaren’s Pub every night (and days), the apartment above the bar that at least one (and most of the time, more than one) of the characters live in, and the different jobs that each character is shown in. There are also the more complex ones that feature the behaviors of each character: Barney will always drink scotch, smoke cigars, play laser tag, make fun of Robin for being Canadian, objectify women and is constantly seeking sexual gratification. Ted is always talking about architecture, pretentiously citing art and cultural references that no one else understands, and always is conquesting for and failing to find â€Å"the one† (hint: this is what the show is named after). Marshal and Lilly are always dealing with married couple issues. And Robin is not only struggling with putting her career in front of her love life, but is also Robin Sparkles Canadian pop star, a proud Canadian, gun enthusiast, scotch drinker and cigar smoker. Scrubs: Medical Comedy There are numerous reoccurring elements of this show as well. There is the Janitor torturing JD daily, Dr. Cox being stubborn and conceited about his medical knowledge, Turk accentuating his â€Å"blackness† in a mostly white hospital, his wife, Carla, doing the same thing with her Latino heritage, JD constantly vying for Dr. Cox’s approval and insisting that he is his mentor, Dr. Cox hating such behavior, Dr. Cox calling JD by girls’ names, JD going through numerous relationships, homoerotic best friend relationships between Turk and JD, Elliot saying awkward comments and observations in the most honest way possible, and so on. I feel that most overlapping element between these two shows exist the consistency of some of the relationships. The Marshal and Lily relationship reflects the Turk and Carla relationship greatly. Both relationships are portrayed as the strongest love relationships between all the characters. Another relationship that is reflected by each show is the best friend relationships between Turk and JD, and Ted and Marshal. Both shows have their characters living together since before the shows have started, including both shows having the characters having met in college and been college roommates. Both shows also have multiple moments of comical â€Å"intimacy† between the characters. I feel these reoccurring elements of these shows provide consistency in the characters. In the context of audience members cognitively processing the show, it provides easier pathways for two different effects. For entertainment value, if there are reoccurring behaviors and attributes of the characters, jokes are easier to make and laugh at because of the familiarity of the audience to the characters. As well, though, it makes plot points of the shows to be understood. This allows audience members to think about grander themes and messages of these different shows. How to cite Mechanics of Basketball, Papers

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The Shawshank Redemption Essay Example

The Shawshank Redemption Essay While all movies are made for entertainment value, some films are made with a deeper purpose or theme in mind. This is the case with The Shawshank Redemption, a film inspired by a Stephen King story, takes the viewer on a journey into the depths of human despair and investigates, through the characters, how the human spirit can stay strong even when something like jail tries to break it. The film also looks into what its like for an innocent man to be accused of murder, and how friendship can develop even in the most lonely of places. The relationship between Andy and Red is an interesting look at how people can connect in the midst of the worst situations, and how determination and strength can bring people through even the worst times.The Shawshank Redemption is a film portraying the life of Andy Dufresne, a banker who is hard working, successful and loves his wife. Andy comes home early from a business trip to find his wife in bed with another man, and contemplates murdering her. The next day, he is arrested for her murder, all the while swearing that he has been falsely accused. After being sent to a prison called Shawshank, Andy, who was a banker, ends up almost giving up on life until one day he solves a financial problem the guard captain is having, in return, Andy asks for a box of cold beers for some of his inmates. For himself he asks for nothing. Having found something meaningful to do once again, he starts taking some interest in life and develops a close friendship with an inmate called â€Å"Red.†Shortly after, knowledge of his abilities reach the ears of the warden who has Andy launder money for him and do all his personal banking; in return, Andy is given freedom in the prison and opens up a library. Several years pass and a young inmate is transferred to Shawshank; this inmate talks to Red about Andy’s crime for being in prison. They discuss a cell-mate who talked about how he committed the murder Andy is convicted of. When this n ews reaches Andy’s ears he is thrilled since he has now has some evidence to prove his innocence. Taking his new found evidence to the warden, Andy begs the warden to help him out, but the warden creates a situation where the new inmate is shot while trying to escape, shattering the last shred of hope Andy had of leaving Shawshank alive. The final scene in the movie shows Andy going to the bank and emptying out all the wardens’ personal funds and providing enough information to the police to convict the warden and other guards of crimes committed against inmates in Shawshank.As long as there is spirit and hope in men they can find reasons to live even in the worst situations. Such is the case with Andy who is convicted of a crime he didn’t commit.The director has brought reality to the screen and shows us a world that is brutal and unforgiving, while also using techniques of surprise and suspense to keep the viewer interested in the film throughout. I liked the depth of the role of Andy and the way Tim Robbins played it; his expressions, anger, hatred and determination bring his character to life in the film. There is an emotional connection that the audience has with Andy, and it grows stronger as the film progresses; he is as a nice person.   I like the irony in the movie, that Andy didn’t commit a crime but was charged with it because of the coincidental match with the murder weapon. What is also ironic is that he found his key to freedom in prison. The prison and the warden’s cruelty are unable to break Andy’s spirit. His dedication to teaching other people and giving them hope for a successful life after parole shines through in his character and in the actor’s performance. He found a reason to live, a reason to go on with his life. The last scene of Andy’s escape from the prison is a big and unexpected surprise since the director made the audience believe that Andy had committed suicide. The tunne l was a great idea and the fact that it took him over 15 years to make it is amazing and reflects his patience and dedication. Andy had the tunnel ready but was emotionally attached to his some of his inmate friends especially â€Å"Red†. Overall, the film depicts the brutality of prison life through the language, clothing, and actions of the characters, creating a realistic picture.In a review by Vince Leo, Shawshank Redemption is called â€Å"professional in every way†. Leo mentions that the film is so appealing that the audience would think that â€Å"only an acclaimed director with 30 years of experience could have even come close to achieving the heights to which Shawshank attains.† Leo continues to appreciate the role of Andy Dufresne, that prison life is not able to â€Å"kill his spirit, his hope, his dreams, or his talents†. There is also a mystery movie that is unraveled gradually, â€Å"creating an atmosphere of mystique that never wears offâ € . Leo also appreciates the music that is played in the background and how the music director â€Å"chooses the right times for the right pieces of music†. Leo concludes his review with the statement, â€Å"Shawshank lasts two hours and twenty minutes, but its resonance stays with you forever.†Shawshank Redemption is a film that develops the personalities of the characters and gives everyone watching it a little bit that they can take from it. The theme of man’s unbreakable spirit and the way that friendship can develop even in the worst situations are universal in many ways. It touches a chord in many people because it seems real to them. The characters are so well developed that you begin to feel as if you understand them and know them; it is as if they are your friends. More and more, as the storyline moves forward, you find yourself rooting for each character and hoping that Andy can prove his innocence and obtain his freedom. That is one of the key them es to this film: how humans can retain their freedom when it is taken from them. The Shawshank Redemption Essay Example The Shawshank Redemption Paper Andys wife Linda Collins dufresne suddenly decided to Take golf lessons in 1947.At Falmouth Hill Country Club Linda took lessons for four month and her instructor was Glenn Quentin. Andy found in August 1947that Glenn and his Wife had become lovers. They argued bitterly. On September 10,1947 Linda wanted to divorce Andy. Linda went to spend the night at Glenns. The next morning the cleaning woman found and Linda and Glenn dead in bed. They were found shot four times each Red is a guy who can get anything for you. He came to Shawshank when he was twenty years old. He committed murder. He was young good looking and poor. He killed his wife by loosing up her brakes but he did not expect her to pick up the lady next door and her son. He also did not expect to get caught. He is a cool person and every one is fine and okay with him. People new that they could not play around with him cause then when they needed something from the out side he would not get it because like I said he was the one who got everything. We will write a custom essay sample on The Shawshank Redemption specifically for you for only $16.38 $13.9/page Order now We will write a custom essay sample on The Shawshank Redemption specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer We will write a custom essay sample on The Shawshank Redemption specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer Inciting Incident As soon as Andy walked inside Shawshank the first people who laid eyes on him were the sister they wanted him to be his female and lose his mind hood. But Andy did not and he insisted but the sisters were always there to make his life miserable. At one time the sisters beat on Andy because he was not willing to give up. On time they put him behind the laundry room and almost beat him to death. The inmates did not like Andy because when he first got there he looked as if he was the boss and he thought he was a big man but really he was not it was that trial was not fair and they had convicted of a crime he did not commit. That was most of the reasons that a lot of inmates had problems with him others just left him alone. Rising Action When the sisters were all up on him and making him bend down and do all the things a man needs to keep for himself. After Andy started doing the taxes for the guards the guards got respect and beat up the sisters so that they would not bother Andy any more that was the deal Andy had with the guards. Thats how the whole deal with the guards started about Andy doing them a favor for a favor and then it got to Warden and soon Warden was taking Andy into his office and having conversations with him because he knew that he had to keep Andy on the good side because he was the one who was doing all the taxes and bills. In no time all the staff in the prison had their own time to spend time with Andy and they would get the work done well actually Andy was the one who got the work done around there. Climax When Andy was ready for his escape the night before he was giving out things so the inmates thought that he was going to commit suicide. Also when Warden was or actually killed Tommy for knowing what he knew about Andy and he had to keep his mouth shut and the only was Warden was going to be sure that he was not going to say anything was by killing him but he knew that Tommy had already told Andy and the rest of the guys Andy hangs around with. Most of the stories and specially the climax were with the sisters When he got out all the things for the library and people were coming to Andy so that could learn and Andy was willing to help. When Tommy got involved and told Andy what he knew the truth that Andy had known since the moment the jury said guilty he knew that he was innocent and that was what Tommy told him. Now there was another person who knew that he was innocent. And was willing to speak out. Falling Action When Brook committed suicide and had no reason to live so he hung himself in an old room that parole had given him but Brook was locked up for so many years that every thing was new to him and he was scared and thought that he had no right to be there. Andy had told Red about Zinhuatahejo and Red started believing and said that he was going to be there t one day when he was a free man. When the jury or the people who decide to give Red his parole because now he had no reason to be in Shawshank anymore Andy escaped and Red has parole. Red is out left parole and is searching for Andy was lying about zinhuatejona the days it took him. But finally he found the letter. Andy had left him with one hundred dollars and now it was deciding whether to go or not, should he believe or is Andy is still playing with head. He takes the chance to find out if its true or not. Appearance Andy came to Shawshank when he was thirty year of age; he was a short neat little man. His hair was sandy and small cleaver hand. Andy wore gold-rimmed spectacles; his fingernails were always clipped and always clean also very conservative guy. Hadley was a big guy; he was the one that would kill you with his eyes. No one messed with him, because he was big and tough and also very quiet. Personality Andy is a shy and patient guy, keeping all his stuff to himself. He is not very trustworthy towards nobody and lives in his own world. When he is around people, tend to observe their action and their personalities. The opposite of Andy would be Red a humorous guy with the ability to make anyone laugh. Red is also similar to Andy, he keep this stuff to himself. They are somewhat compatible to each other. Background When Andy was a free man, he was a vice president in the Trust department in a bank. Andy loved numbers and could figure out most equations. He had very little family it was just his wife Linda and him. He had a normal life until that day. The day Linda started an affair with Glen and wanted a divorce. Andy had very little friends; some that worked in the bank and a special friend that was helping him while he was in jail find a new identity and money. Red doesnt really say much about himself; all we know is that he came to Shawshank when he was twenty years old. Red was living with his wife he had no children. Red might have been tired of his wife and killed her. He got convicted of murdering his wife, next-door neighbor and her son. Relationships When Andy was working in the bank, ha had high-class friends. He lost all those so-called friends when they found out what he had done. They just abandoned him like if they did not even care. His relationship with his wife at the beginning was normal but as time passed she got tired of him and started an affair with Glen Motivations Andy love to sculpture rocks and decorate his window in his cell room. Andy always found something to do to keep his mind busy. Also he was very cleaver, he knew that escaping would take years to accomplish. Meanwhile Andy created a library also found ways to get money to create the library with donating and worked at the library. Andy also taught the prisoners how to read and write. He even helps a young man get his G.E D. Red really did not have any dreams beside being a free man Red would get anything that the inmates wanted which include posters, drugs and tobacco. Red realized that Andy was very cleaver when he found out that Andy had escaped from prison with just a little hammer. Conflicts Andy had many conflict in the story first he was sentenced to prison for a crime he did not commit. Second he had problems with the Sister because they wanted to abuse him sexually and he never let them. They beat him up and that make Andy very miserable. Another problem that faces was when he found enough prove to clain his freedom and the warden did not even let him have a second trial the wanted to keep Andy in prison for his personal use. Tommy had many conflicts also he knew that Andy was not the killer, because he also knew who the killer really was and no one believed him. Another conflict arose when the warden found out that Tommy knew who was the real killer and plot a escape to kill him. Which at the end Tommy dies and with him the real killer identity. Changes Andy came in alone and was alone for a while until he started gaining respect and soon became a well respected manthat everyone turned to. When he escaped no one could belive it because he was really well educated and no one thought he would do such a thing. Andy soon was know at the prison and cool with most people. Not like at the beginning when he was a loner now he was the center of attraction. Red was really the same throught the story and was that he was a really patient and a serious type of guy when he started telling us about him he was already the man that could get anything but I belive that that was not the way when he first came into the prison. At the end when he got the letter he was still the same old Red. Person versus society Again it is all about society and the way people treated him. One example was when he was convicted people said that he was guilty because he did not make a big scean and he took it like a man so thats why people said that he was guilty but he wasnt . Another one was that there was the conflict with the inmates at first that they didnt like Andy so they made his life imposible the first couple of months. One main thing was with the sisters about his man hood even though that was a storgle those were some of the really main conflicts with society. Person VS Person Warden was the one who was making Andys life miserable at the end and new the truth. But still didnt want to let him go and fought till the end. Warden made any do all the work and that was why Warden didnt wan to let him go because he knew that if he was to let Andy go he was going to lose a lot of money and that was one thing he was not willing to lose. The sisters wanted to get Andy and make him their female and like I said it was a very difficult situation for Andy but still it was a struggle and it was a really bad conflict person versus person sort of situation but at the end Andy got them back for all the beatings that he got from the sisters. Andy never gave up in searching for his freedom and fighting what ever was going to be a startle for him. He honored a new friend ship that was red some one that was helping him through out ten years of his life. He really trusted Red in every way that you can possibly imagine .Red also trusted him even though Andy always beat around the bush when it came to saying things you sort of had to guess what he was trying to say. Red was patient because after thirty years they the people who wok at the prison finally gave him his parole. Still they thought he was not rehabilitated. He learned how to survive by being the man and by being the guy who could get anything, and making side money for himself. The main point of the story is that even though Andy was a really quiet guy he was always doing some thing that no one knew and that was planning his escape. After ten years of pain and suffering he finally does it and does every thing he said he was going to do which was own his own business and be rich wit his good friend by his side which was Red. The Shawshank Redemption Essay Example The Shawshank Redemption Essay The Shawshank Redemption, since its release in 1994, has grown in stature to become a classic in American cinema history. Based on a short story by Steven King called Rita Hayworth and the Shawshank Redemption it tells the tale of Andy Dufresne, a successful young New England banker wrongly accused of murdering his wife and her lover and being sent to the Shawshank Prison after his conviction after circumstantial evidence.. He was sent to Prison and was forced to live a new life devoid of any former freedoms and joys. Despite the great injustices and the terrible hardships he endured, Andy manages to form friendships and continues to grow. Through the way Andy deals with his time at Shawshank Prison, his actions express the film’s most significant message: even in the darkest of places one can find a thing sometimes greater than hope itselfperseverance. Andy Dufresne had a life that many would consider ideal.   He was successful, made good money, and had a beautiful wife.   However, his idyllic life was nothing more than a sham, as his wife cheated on him behind his back.   Though distraught and carrying a pistol, Andy never pulled the trigger and committed the heinous crime of which he was convicted.   However, he is sentenced to multiple life sentences in Shawshank.   With his wife cheating on him, then tragically killed, and then him becoming the victim of injustice forced to spend the rest of his life behind bars, Andy had every reason to denounce life and living.   He could have very well found a way to end his suffering and kill himself, but he chose to persevere.   Even though the new life Andy embarked upon was one filled with suffering, it was still a life and he respected it. 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Andy’s status at the prison grew, as his position as helped to the warden and other guards not only made him popular with them, but he was able to use his leverage to convince the warden to build a library.   With no funding allotted, Andy was forced to write letters to the state requesting resources.   After years of trying, the finally send Andy some books and a letter kindly asking that he stop sending letters.   Urged on by this success, Andy begins writing even more letters asking for even more assistance from the state.   This again shows Andy’s refusal to give and his habit of always persevering in spite of terrible odds and strong opposition.   From the time he brings up the library to the warden, who discourages his effort but allows it, to the continuous rejection letters he receives constantly from the state, Andy’s perseverance shows that he never gives up hope.   His attitude is apparent when the warden tells him about the futility of his efforts and how long it will take, he states that all he has is time.   He realizes that he can still control his life while in prison, even better in some aspects than his former life, in which his wife not only cheated but was murdered and he the one blamed.   While life dealt Andy a series of cruel blows, he continued to persevere and Andy ends up building a large prison library, sets up study programs for inmates, and continues to lead a life as an educated and respected man.   And, while Andy appears to have everything together, he can never ignore not truly having his freedom. One of the earliest interactions that turn Andy and Red into friends is when Andy wants to get a rock hammer to continue his appreciation of rocks.   Agreeing to secure it for Andy, once seeing the hammer, Red comments about how it would take centuries to dig out of prison with it.   When talking to Red, Andy once again remarks about having nothing but time to pursue such interests as rocks, and Red notices that Andy is indeed free from the psychological shackles Shawshank, even if he cannot escape the physical shackles.   When a young inmate later learns that Andy was innocent of the crime for which he was convicted, that man’s murder by the warden and Captain Hadley is simply too much for him to bear and he seems near his breaking point, with suicide a real possibility.   Red worries that his friend will kill himself, but instead Andy finally escapes Shawshank.   The viewer later finds out that Andy discovered that he could chisel away at the wall with his rock ham mer, all under the protection of a large poster on the wall, originally Rita Hayworth. The day before Andy breaks out he tells Red his philosophy on life: â€Å"Ger busy living or get busy dying.†Ã‚   Throughout the movie, and even at the part where the viewer is led to believe Andy will kill himself, Andy chooses to persevere and chooses life.   Andy puts up with everything that is thrown at him, never complains, and builds a life and a name for himself within the prison walls.   However, this proves to be not quite enough for Andy, who still craves his freedom more than anything else.   Andy continues to live life, persevering through all the bad stuff and taking back instance of his former life whenever the opportunity arises.   While Andy could have hoped for something to happen that would get him out of prison, he continuously works to make himself and the lives of other inmates better.   His perseverance, especially in the meticulous way he dug out, is a testament to every viewer that no matter what happens in life, perseverance allows a person t o not only endure the bad things in life, but get better from them.   More than a movie about prison, injustice, or camaraderie behind bars, The Shawshank Redemption is proof that perseverance allows people to always be free in all circumstances.